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    All Star Upholstery is by appointment only. Please fill in information to get an Estimate appointment number and click the acknowledgement button after reading the terms and conditions.




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    Thank you for reaching out to Aero Upholstery,

    All star upholstery Specializes in Auto, Boat, Aircraft, Motorcycle and ATV Canvas and upholstery only. We do not reupholster furniture of any kind. Allstar Upholstery Prides itself on Quality Upholstery at a fair price. All work is custom made for each job.

    At Aero Upholstery Each job comes to us in a different state of condition and we only give written estimates after we physically inspect its condition and discuss with the customer about the design and materials to be used. We do not give guestimates, ballparks or any other type of quote via E-mail or phone. Only after inspection.

    All written estimates are done by appointment only. Drive in estimates are free, however we do charge for on-site estimates. Price is based on time and distance.

    Aero upholstery does not allow customer supplied parts and materials to be used for any work we do.

    Aero upholstery is currently only recovering Steering Wheels with a complete custom interior.

    We look forward to working with you.

    All Star Upholstery