• Auto Air Bag

    Airbag Installation
    If you’re car has been in an accident or if for some reason one of the, possibly many, airbags has deployed, please be aware that replacing an airbag on your own can be difficult and actually quite dangerous, especially if the airbag has not fully deployed. If you have no knowledge of the special procedures required for a proper airbag installation and the new airbag is not installed correctly, it could malfunction and deploy when it shouldn’t or not deploy at all when it is supposed to. Here, at Aero upholstery, we are equipped with the knowledge, the experience and the proper tools for a safe airbag installation that you can trust and depend on. The added benefit of having Aero Upholstery install your new airbag is we will also be able to perform any necessary upholstery work.

    Seat Airbag Installation
    Once we have installed your new airbag, we will also be able to repair and re-stitch vehicle seat covers using the special materials, threads and methodical sewing sequences necessary for a properly functioning seat airbag. We are often able to save our clients the many hundreds of dollars required to purchase an entirely new seat cover from the manufacturer as well as repair and re-sew some seats that are no longer available.

    Headliner Airbags
    Some of today’s newer vehicles have airbags installed in the headliner and when the airbag detonates, the headliner has been made to fold out or completely break apart. At Aero Upholstery, we know headliners and are more than capable of repairing the headliner creases which blow out or replacing the entire headliner if necessary.

    Steering Wheel Airbags
    In the process of recovering and re-stitching steering wheels, it is necessary to remove the steering wheel from the car. In order to accomplish this, it is also necessary to remove and replace the airbag in a methodically proper manner so as not to damage the vehicles computer or the airbag itself.

    Seat Airbags and Seat Heater Installation
    In cars with seat airbags the possibility of seat heater installation is always dependent upon the make, model and year of your vehicle. In some cars, it is simply not possible to install seat heater grids over the top of the airbag sensors. There are vehicles in which we are only able to install seat heater grids in the bottom cushion, while in others we cannot install them at all.

    SAFETY TIP: Seat Slip Covers – a seat slip cover should never be placed over a seat that has an airbag engineered to blow out and protect the occupants of the vehicle

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